New Chain

Bitmxittz [BMXT]
New Chain
The Base Currency Of Project Bitmxittz

Bitmxittz [BMXT] coins are scrypt based anonymous cryptocurrency.
Bitmxittz coins are peer2peer payment system without any central auhtorities.
Bitmxittz coins are set-up to be fully decentralized giving individuals complete anonymous control.

All new coins developed under Bitmxittz Developers will be shared/rewarded to Bitmxittz coin holders according to their holdings.

Bitmxittz coins [BMXT] created to swap with old Bitmxittz [BMXTZ] tokens.
Old token Bitmxittz [BMXTZ] 100% = 10,000 BMXTZ are swapped with new coin Bitmxittz [BMXT] premine 100% = 10,000 BMXT.

Max. Supply10,000 Coins
Premine100% for swap with old coin Bitmxittz [BMXTZ]
Block RewardN/A
Block TimespanN/A
Distribution TypeCoin Swap
Coin Swap Ratio1:1
Coin Swap Date15th Jul 2017 to 30th Jul 2017
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Windows WalletDownload Here
Linux WalletDownload Here
Android WalletTo be created
Web Wallet11st Web Wallet Provider Bounty 5 coins
Web Wallet21st Web Wallet Provider Bounty 2 coins
Web Wallet31st Web Wallet Provider Bounty 1 coins
Exchange22nd Exchange Bounty 5 coins
Exchange33rd Exchange Bounty 2 coins
Exchanger11st Exchanger Bounty 5 coins
Exchanger22nd Exchanger Bounty 2 coins
Exchanger33rd Exchanger Bounty 1 coins
Merchant11st Merchant Bounty 5 coins
Merchant22nd Merchant Bounty 2 coins
Merchant33rd Merchant Bounty 1 coins
Social Bounties1st 20 Twitter Followers 0.1 coin Each
Russian TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
French TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Chineese TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Japaneese TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Hindi TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Arabic TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Urdu TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Indonesian TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Dutch TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Portuguese TranslationBounty 0.2 coins
Use of CoinP2P payment without centralization.
FeaturesP2P payment
Online Payment
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