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List your cryptocoin, token or online share to BitmxittzEx

Currently we only accept bitcoin based altcoins (coins with RPC 1.0 compatibility).
Cryptonote and Zcash forks and Ethereum tokens are currently not accepted

To be listed on the BitmxittzEx a coin should satisfy several requirements.

1. Аt least 10 pages with informatible messages on bitcointalk.
2. Listing fee 0.02BTC to 1BTC depending on your project, supply and premine. You can also pay with BMXT coin at last traded rate of BMXT.
3. Github source code.
4. Bitmxittz's banner with link in your bitcointalk announce forum.
5. Bitmxittz's banner and link on one of your social media page like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit etc.

No delisting policy. Once coin is listed to BitmxittzEx will never be delisted.

Trades/wallet will be disabled if:
* Trading will be disabled if coin found to be a scam coin/project.
* Wallet will be disabled if wallet consumes a lot of server resources or unstable wallet.
* Wallet will be disabled if unstable blockchain, duplicate chain, stopped blocks or such issue found.
* Trade and/or wallet will be disabled if major issue found and developer can't be contacted.

To list your altcoin please contact us via support or write to support@bitmxittz.com with following details.

Please include:
01. Coin name and ticker.
02. Coin Algorithm/Type.
03. Maximum supply and premine.
04. Developer's contact email id.
05. Block explorer link.
06. Desktop wallet download links.
07. Coin announcement link (preferred Bitcointalk.org).
08. Coin source code link (preferred Github.com)
09. Project website link (if available).
10. Maximum listing fee you prefer to pay in BTC (0.02BTC to 1BTC) or BMXT (equal to 0.02BTC to 1BTC at last traded rate).
11. Additional informations about project/coin.

After our team check your coin, we will contact you with further informations.

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