Exchange under maintenance for uncertain time.

Exchange will reopen with 2fa and extra layers of security.

Please stay connected to our BitcoinTalk, Twitter and Discord for updates.


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16th May 2019
Please read this for refund request.

All users with BTC balance less than 0.001BTC please provide BMXT/DOGE address for refund, requested withdrawal coin will be calculated at latest market rate and coins will be sent to given address.
If your BTC balance is very low and you want LTC against you BTC balance it will not be possible since our LTC withdrawal fee is 0.1LTC, so please calculate this before sending withdrawal request.
Please send withdraw request via support from after login to your account.
Also send email with wallet screenshot and same withdrawal request from your registered email id.
And DM wallet screenshot to Discord user BitmxittzDev.
Please request withdrawal before 25th May 2019. No coin withdrawal requests will be accepted after this date. Withdrawal option for token balance will be announced soon.
Thank You.

15th May 2019
Withdrawal (refund) instructions.

All BitmxittzEx users are requested to close all open orders, take screenshot of wallet and request withdrawal via support with receiving address.
Also DM same with wallet screenshot to Discord 'BitmxittzDev' and email same to for cross verification.
Please note, DM to Discord user 'BitmxittzDev' not 'Bitmxittz' since old account "Bitmxittz' is hacked.
Send your withdrawal (refund) request before 25th May 2019, no withdrawal(refund) requests will be accepted after 25th May.
Withdrawals (refunds) will be processed after balance verifications from 17th May 2019.
Refunds will be started with MILL BTT AGDN first.
Please close all open orders, take screenshot of wallet and send request as explained above.
Please note,
If your BTC balance is lower than 0.002BTC then select BMXT/LTC/DOGE for refund and provide refund address of selected coin.
For any question or query contact
Thank you.

14th May 2019
2FA implementation in progress.

2FA implementation is in progress.
It will take about 4-5 weeks for exchange to be fully functional again.
Manual withdrawal process to withdrawal request via support will be announced soon.
Thank you.

12th May 2019
Security breach was detected in BitmxittzEx.

Security breach was detected in BitmxittzEx on 8th May 2019.
BitmxittzEx was hacked by it's user 'Abura' with email id '' (must be spoofed email and using vpn).
Some suspecious transactions were detected on 8th May 2019.
There was no sql injection detected, hacker somehow gained access to admin account and tried transferring funds from admin account to his account and also transferred out funds.
We immediately stopped all withdrawals to save whatever funds we could save.
We lateron found that earlier hacker has also bought other coins on BitmxittzEx with stolen BTC and may also have stolen user data.
One thing is confirm that attack was not at server side it was from client side.
So far we figured out ~1.45630080BTC loss, exact figure will be announced after full investigation.
Hacker has stolen BTC, LTC, DOGE, BMXT most of stolen funds were belong to BitmxittzEx so there will be no burden of loss on users.
This hack will be reported to Online Cyber Crime. We have traced one of BTC transfer address and reported as hacker address immediately after hack was detected.
DIT, AFR, BTCC stolen coins will be recovered since they are BitmxittzEx centralized tokens.
AGDN, BTT, MILL balance looks not affected.
AGDN BTT MILL withdrawals will be opened soon, it will be updated on Discord and in BitmxittzEx news.
DIT AFR BTCC balances are safe so it can be used for trading once exchange re-opened.
BTC LTC DOGE BMXT withdrawal will be opened after 2fa implement.
User with BTC balance less than 0.002BTC will be given option to convert their BTC to LTC DOGE BMXT and withdraw so 0.001BTC fees can be saved.
User with BTC balance less than 0.001BTC will be refunded in LTC DOGE or BMXT.
Since most of stolen coins were our own, users will get back their funds in full.
External code expert is called for further investion and to fix the code and to implement of 2fa.
Cost to fix code for all security valnerabilities in code is ~0.6BTC.
It will take some time to get full hack report, fix security vulnarabilities and implement of 2fa in code.
If in case 2fa takes time we will schedule manual withdraw for users via support requests.
Users may keep orders opened and leave their balances with us and wait for exchange reopen or may close orders and request withdrawal when withdrawals announced, there will be full refunds to all users, you may expect atleast 4 weeks to exchange reopen.
All users are requested to take screenshot of balances at BitmxittzEx for the referance in future.
This exchange never ran in profit since beginning so we also have to arrange some funds for refund and fees for coder.
We have always been honest to our users and our users also always been supportive to us.
We want to fix and reopen exchange soonest possible.
Users can support us by buying BMXT coins from us at premium price or donate BTC LTC to following addresses if they want to, Funds will be used for rebuilding a secure exchange.
300BMXT for sale 0.001BTC per coin, contact for purchase, minimum purchase 1 coin.
BTC - 1BHmCyxmsCKSVjQZxzMDtN6yYwh3YA39Vc
LTC - LP3LSqsd7Exb5tgPWtk1xvQtRCXxaN4Ere
LTC - LTdoDMKNFkjukgTnTNzMPpq58oNvtRMRoh
Thank You.

9th May 2019
All withdrawals temporary disabled.

All withdrawals are temporary disabled, withdrawals will be re-enabled only after implement of 2FA/MFA.
Sorry for inconvenience.

6th May 2019
AFR/BTC market is enabled now.

AFR/BTC market is enabled now, AFR balances and orders needed to be fixed, users 6 sats sell orders are removed to fix issue, please place your orders again if dropped.
Sorry for inconvenience caused.
Thank you.

24th Apr. 2019
DIT/BTC market is enabled now.

DIT/BTC trade orders execution issue is solved DIT/BTC market is enabled, You can trade or place orders of DIT/BTC now.
Thank you.

21st Apr. 2019
DIT/BTC trade disabled temporary.

DIT/BTC trade orders are temporary disabled, please do not place DIT/BTC new orders until further update from us.
Thank you.

17th Apr. 2019
DIT/BTC 1 satoshi buy orders failing issue will be solved soon.

Due to some technical issue DIT/BTC 0.00000001BTC buy orders are not being executed.
We are working on this issue and it will be solved soon.
Thank you.

4th Apr. 2019
MILL/BTC trade disabled temporary, deposit/withdraw working.

MILL/BTC trade orders are temporary disabled, MILL deposit/withdraw is working fine, please do not place MILL/BTC new orders until further update from us.
Thank you.

4th Apr. 2019
BTC withdrawals enabled, BTC withdrawal fee increased.

In past week we faced BTC withdrawal confirmation issues due to low txn fee which lead to low miner preference and low confidence level on blockchain. We managed to clear all stuck BTC withdrawals using CPFP method paying high fees.
To prevent such problems in future we have increased BTC withdrawal fee and minimum balance from 0.0002BTC to 0.001BTC.
Note: You must have more than 0.001BTC to make a BTC withdraw, BTC withdrawal fee will be applied upto 0.001BTC for each BTC withdrawals to speed up BTC withdrawals and high priority on blockchain.

As alternate of BTC withdrawal and storage option we bringing BitcoinCredit BTCC which is BitmxittzEx virtual token backed by BTC in cold storage. Users can withdraw their BTCC to BTC address as BTC on request at withdrawal fee of 0.0005BTCC. BTCC can be purchased and traded at BitmxittzEx, BTCC price will be maintained close to BTC. Please see
Thank you.

3rd Apr. 2019
BTC withdrawal temporarily disabled.

BTC withdrawals are temporary disabled because several transaction out from BitmxittzEx BTC wallet are stuck unconfirmed due to low confidence level (No Double-Spending Detected) and low Miner Preference possibly due to low transaction fees. This will be fixed soon and BTC withdrawals will be enabled again.
Note: Do not withdraw BTC until further updates from us, you may deposit BTC but BTC withdrawals will only be enabled after fix.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Thank you for your patience.

1st Apr. 2019
LTC withdraw fee increased.

LTC minimum balance/maximum withdraw fee is increased to 0.1LTC to support LTC network and confirm transactions faster.

20th Mar. 2019
AGDN wallet disabled temporarily.

Armageddon AGDN wallet has been disabled temporarily until wallet fix, do not deposit/withdraw AGDN until further updates.
Note: AGDN wallet is disabled temporarily but if wallet can not be fixed or no active nodes and dev can not be contacted then wallet will be disabled permanently. If you have AGDN live block explorer link, nodes or dev contact email please provide us to keep AGDN wallet up.

20th Mar. 2019
5000MILL coins for airdrop.

A share of 5000MILL coins to all active traders who has at least one trade history between 20th to 26th Mar 2019.
Note: User with at least one trade with any pair will be liable to get a share 5000MILL coins, self trade will not be counted.

16th Mar. 2019
Increase of minimum fees for listing.

As from 16th Mar. 2019, minimum fees for listing of new coin is increased from 0.02BTC to 0.025BTC.

24th Feb. 2019
All open orders closed

All open orders are closed to fix database balances of all users.
There was some database issue caused blocked user balance on 23rd Feb and our main tech guy was out of contact due to weekend. So we had to fix database and user balance from frontend to keep exchange running and database safe. To fix this from frontend we had to drop all open orders and fix user balance.
Please resubmit your buy/sell orders, we feel sorry for inconvenience caused.
Do not hesitate to contact support if any issue you have.

13th Feb. 2019
AGDN/BTC markets is disabled

AGDN/BTC market disabled due to some technical issue.
AGDN/BTC market will be live again soon.
AGDN wallet is not disabled, You can deposit/withdraw AGDN but do not place any AGDN buy/sell orders until further notice.

13th Feb. 2019
LTC/BTC markets is enabled

LTC/BTC market is enabled now.
LTC/BTC trades/deposits/withdrawals are working now.

12th Feb. 2019
AGDN/BTC and LTC/BTC markets disabled

AGDN/BTC and LTC/BTC markets disabled due to some technical issue.
Both of these markets will be live again soon.
You can deposit/withdraw AGDN LTC, wallet is not disabled.

10th Feb. 2019
Increase in Token Creation Fees

As from 10th Feb 2019 token creation fees will be 0.05BTC or 50BMXT.
Token created with us will be listed to BitmxittzEx without any listing fees.
Block explorer for tokens will be available soon.

9th Feb. 2019
New Trade fee and cookie time

Trade fee increased from 0.1% to 0.2% from 9 Feb 2019.
Browser cookie time validity 1 hour to 24 hours from 9 Feb 2019.

8th Feb. 2019
BitcoinRent BTT Airdrop

Total airdrop coins 2000BTT.
Saturday, 9 Feb 2019, All BitmxittzEx active users will get a share from 1000BTT, apprximately ~8.77BTT for each user.
Saturday, 16 Feb 2019, All BitmxittzEx active users with at least one trade history between 9th-15th Feb 2019 will get share from 1000BTT coins (self trade will be not counted).
Thanks to Bitcoinrent dev.

7th Feb. 2019
Armageddon coin AGDN swap will be not supported

Armageddon AGDN project has been revived by community after dev left project.
Armageddon AGDN is being swapped with Millenium Club Coin MILL.
Our BTC-AGDN market will remain alive since we do not delist coins.
Our AGDN wallet will be online until last peer node is online.
AGDN wallet will be disabled if no AGDN nodes are online.
Users can withdraw their AGDN if want to swap with MILL until wallet is not disabled.
Once AGDN wallet is disabled users will not be able to deposit/withdraw AGDN outside BitmxittzEx.

6th Feb. 2019
Bitcoinrent BTT listed.

Bitcoinrent BTT listed to BitmxittzEx with BTC pair.
Start trading now BTC-BTT

30th Jan. 2019
BTC-LTC, BTC-DIT trade orders executing issue.

BTC-LTC, BTC-DIT markets having orders execution issue. Please do not place new orders until further notice. You can keep your old orders open or close them if you want to.

29th Jan. 2019
BTC-LTC, BTC-DIT markets temporary disabled

BTC-LTC, BTC-DIT markets temporary disabled due to technical work.

22nd Jan. 2019
All coin trades and withdrawals are enabled again.

Withdrawals/Deposits/Trades enabled again, "Orders" and "History" pages added to user's menu soon users will be able to view history from page "History" and view/manage your orders from page "Orders".

21st Jan. 2019
All coin trades and withdrawals are disabled temporarily.

Withdrawals/Deposits/Trades will remain disabled temporarily until all security breaches in code are fixed and also adding more features.
Note: There was no hack. We found some security risks and also adding more features so decided to disable all withdrawal and trades until process is completed , All coins and exchange data is safe, your open orders and balance will remain as it is.

29th Dec. 2018
Now you can pay listing fees in BMXT coin.

Now you can pay coin listing fees in BMXT also.
Note: Listing fees is 0.01BTC to 1BTC depending on coin and it's project, if you want to pay listing fees with BMXT coin listing fees in BMXT will be calculated by last traded price of BMXT at BitmxittzEx.

2nd Dec. 2018
Registration Bounty Coupons Sent

Registration Bounty coupons have been sent to all regsitered users holding 5BMXT or more in wallet on 30th Nov 2018.
Note: Coupons code are valid for 7 days only, users must redeem their coupons before 7th Dec 2018. In case you liable for registration bounty and didn't received your coupon yet then contact support before 7th Dec 2018. No claims will be accepted after 7th Dec 2018.

1st Dec. 2018
Registration Bounty Distribution

Registration bounty will be distributed to users using snapshot of BitmxittzEx BMXT balance taken on 30th Nov 2018 18:55:01 UTC. Users with userID 1 to 500 will receive their free BTC coupon codes soon.

27th Nov. 2018
Armageddon AGDN listed

Armageddon AGDN is listed to BitmxittzEx, start trading BTC-AGDN now.

4th Nov. 2018
Litecoin wallet is working now

Litecoin wallet is working now, you can deposit withdraw Litecoin now.

3rd Nov. 2018
Dogecoin/Litecoin wallets under maintenance

Dogecoin/Litecoin wallet under maintenance, Do not deposit withdraw Dogecoin/Litecoin until further notice.

1st Nov. 2018
User registration and bounty

User registration will start soon.
Total 0.27775BTC to giveaway as user registration bounty.
First 500 users with minumum 5 BMXT deposit will be rewarded with free BTC as following.
User ID 1 to 25, 0.01BTC for each.
User ID 26 to 50, 0.001BTC for each
User ID 51 to 100, 0.0001BTC for each
User ID 101 to 500, 0.00001BTC for each

In order to get free BTC as registration reward user must have minimum 5BMXT coins in account on the day of reward distribution.
Registration bounty free BTC will be credited to user's account any day between 15th Nov to 30th Nov 2018.
User deposited 5 or more BMXT but withdrew/sold before distribution day will not receive bounty.

1st Nov. 2018
List new coin

To list new coin to BitmxittzEx see instructions in Add Coin.
Currently only bitcoin fork coins (SHA256/SCRYPT) will be listed and traded here. In future we will implement other digital assets such as tokens, online shares and coins other than bitcoin fork coins.

1st Nov. 2018
Bitcoin market

We start here with Bitcoin Market only and started with 3 trading pairs BMXT/BTC, LTC/BTC DOGE/BTC. In near future we will add more markets like Bitmxittz Market, Litecoin Market, Dogecoin Market etc.

1st Nov. 2018

Welcome to BitmxittzEx. The Digital Assets Markets.